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Family dental plan for only $19.95 per month.

— If you’re in need of dental work but don’t have dental insurance!
— If you have dental insurance but feel it’s too expensive!
— If you’ve been avoiding the dentist because you just can’t afford it!
You’re in the right place. We can help!
Our plan is just $14.95/mo or $19.95/mo for an entire household!

Regular Dental Insurance is costly and has many restrictions. Our Discount Dental Plan is affordable, has very few restrictions, and is becoming a leader in the way Americans access dental care. Nearly 1.5 million people are already saving money!

Here are a few comparisons:


Discount Dental Plan Our Discount Dental Plan Discount Dental Plan Dental Insurance Dental Insurance Dental Insurance
$19.95 per month for an entire household. ($14.95 for Individual) As high as $120 per month.
Monthly rate guaranteed For 2 years. Monthly rates continue to rise.
No limits on amount of work. Annual limits.
No waiting period. 30-60 day waiting period.
All pre-existing conditions are covered.
(Except orthodontic treatment Already in progress)
6-12 month waiting period on pre-existing conditions.
Prescription medicine, vision, and chiropractic discounts included. No additional benefits.


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AmeriPlan® has been helping individuals, families, and small businesses save money on dental and health care since 1992. Nearly 1.5 million people have saved with their AmeriPlan card. What began in Plano Texas with just a few providers has become the nation’s largest fee for service dental, vision, prescription, and chiropractic program provider.

There is a trend away from traditional insurance and towards a fee for service type of access to medical and dental care. AmeriPlan is the leader in this trend. Approximately 7 out of 10 people don't have dental insurance. That means they are paying full price or worse, avoiding the dentist! AmeriPlan has stepped in to help. Individuals, large families, single parents and even small businesses are using AmeriPlan to significantly lower the cost of dental work.

Here are just three good reasons AmeriPlan® is the smart choice.
• Access: There are approximately 30,000 dental providers nationwide to choose from. Find a participating dentist in your area.
• Affordability: An individual plan is just $14.95 per month; an entire household is just $19.95 per month.
• Additonal Services: Both plans include discounts on vision, prescription medicine, and chiropractic care at no additional cost! You will save on these services at such well know retailers as Sears, Pearle Vision, JCPenny, Lens Crafters, Wal-Mart, Eckerd’s, Walgreen’s, Target and more.

You can have reason to smile with our AmeriPlan Dental Plan.
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Yvonne R. – Hockley, TX
I had a tooth extraction a few months ago. The cost would have been $500.00, but with my AmeriPlan discount it cost $264.00, which was more than a 50% savings. I’d say it was a pretty good deal!

Jessica W. – Edmond, OK
Just got back from the boy's dental appts. Wow, both of them would have cost me $304, but saved $139 with AmeriPlan, as it was only $165. I also saved another $82 when I had my own appointment two weeks ago, so we had a total savings of $221 in two weeks. Thanks AmeriPlan. I highly recommend!
Greg S. – Virginia Beach, VA
I signed up and received over 50% savings the same day with my daughters visit to the dentist: exam and x-ray without AmeriPlan $180.00 exam and x-ray with AmeriPlan $80.00. It was greatly appreciated!

Diana H. – Harbor City
I was so excited the other day after my cousin called. I had been talking to her about getting the dental plan for awhile, but because she is on disability, she waited until it was a real necessity and had such a bad toothache that she couldn't eat. All in all she had to have two extractions and a bridge built and it was going to cost $3,000. With the AmeriPlan card, she was only going to have to play $1,000 and the dentist even put her on a payment plan!!! Thank you AmeriPlan!


Your child’s first dental check up
Mother and Children's dental plan for only $19.95 per month.
The American Dental Association recommends children start getting dental check ups around their first birthday or when their first tooth appears. Talk to your dentist about the best time for your child to have his or her first appointment. Something to keep in mind when selecting a dentist for your children is whether or not to see a pediatric dentist or a regular dentist. Both types of dentists have the knowledge and skill to take care of your child’s dental needs; however a pediatric dentist has completed two additional years of training and education that focus on how children’s teeth develop, child behavior and development. And because they specialize in children’s dentistry, you know the dentist as well as his or her staff is prepared to make the child as comfortable as possible. Also the pediatric dentist’s office will have an atmosphere that is designed to put children at ease, with decorations and scaled down furniture including the dental exam chair. All of these things contribute to a positive experience for you and your child.

Dental Care and Pregnancy
If possible try to have a dental check up prior to getting pregnant so any urgent dental issues can be treated before your pregnancy. This is incredibly important when you consider that certain types of gum disease have been liked to pre-term birth. Also, the hormonal changes your body goes through during pregnancy can affect your dental health. One of the conditions these hormonal changes can lead to is called pregnancy gingivitis. So it is important to maintain you're dental health before during and after your pregnancy. Keep regularly scheduled appointments and be sure to inform your dentist of your pregnancy. Enroll online now!


Mouth Guards for Athletes
Mouth guards help protect the mouth and teeth during sports and in some cases dentists will recommend a special type of mouth guard to protect the teeth during sleep from teeth grinding. Adults and children should use mouth guards during contact sports such as football, basketball and hockey. Some other sports that you may not think of as needing mouth guards are, martial arts and mountain biking.
Our dental plan makes mouth guards affordable.
A good quality properly fitted mouth guard can help limit the risk of mouth and teeth injuries, a sudden forceful impact to the head or jaw can cause damage to the lips, tongue and other tissues of the mouth, as well as driving teeth into each other resulting in chipped, cracked and broken teeth. There are three main types of mouth guards. Pre formed, boil and bite and custom fitted. The first two are available at most sporting goods stores and range from about $2 to $25 or so. Preformed mouth guards are ready to use out of the package. They are not custom fitted. They are not very comfortable and don't offer a great deal of protection, because of this they are not generally recommended by dentists. The boil and bite type offer a better fit are more comfortable. Custom fitted are designed by your dentist or the dentist may make an impression of your teeth and send it out to a manufacturer to be made. This type is more expensive and offers more comfort and protection. Enroll online now!


Bad Breath
Chances are we have all been on both the giving and receiving end of bad breath. There is no need to talk about the symptom, it’s obvious! There are several causes and solutions, so let’s go over a few. Foods with very strong odors such as garlic can cause bad breath. Mints, mouthwash and even brushing can help but often the odor doesn't completely go away until the body has processed the food from the body. Poor dental hygiene is a common cause of bad breath. Food particles left in the mouth, between the teeth and even in small amounts on the tongue attract bacteria that cause bad breath. The solution is an easy one, brush and floss twice a day every day. Gum disease can cause bad breath. Poor dental hygiene for an extended amount of time leads to a build up of plaque which leads to gum disease. Daily brushing and flossing and thorough cleaning at your dental check ups help to prevent this problem.

Sensitive Teeth
Sensitive teeth can be very uncomfortable and even painful to deal with. According to the Academy of General Dentistry at least 40 million American adults suffer with sensitive teeth. Many dentists believe the most common cause is acidic foods and beverages. Improper brushing technique is also believed to be a cause. The pain caused by sensitive teeth can be triggered by hot or cold food and drinks, pressure on the tooth and breathing in cold air. Ironically some dentists believe that certain tooth pastes, mouth washes and whitening products contribute to erosion of enamel which leads to tooth sensitivity. The Academy of General Dentistry has a few recommendations to help with sensitive teeth; Use a desensitizing tooth paste. Use a soft bristled tooth brush. Brush and floss regularly at least twice a day for two or three minutes. Hold your tooth brush at a 45 degree angle, brush gently in a circular motion and hold the tooth brush in your fingertips not the palm of your hand. Avoid acidic foods and drinks.

Only the common cold occurs more often than tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth convert food into acids. These acids build up on the teeth with in minutes of eating. If not removed they attack the tooth and create tiny holes in the enamel and then continue to grow. If not treated they can become painful and result in tooth loss. Early symptoms are tiny holes or dark spots on the surface of the tooth and toothache. They must be treated by a dentist.

Gum Disease
Gingivitis is a type of gum disease. You can treat and reverse gingivitis. It begins with a build up of plaque that causes the gums to become red and swollen. A common sign is gums that easily bleed during brushing and flossing. The solution is normally very easy, regular brushing and flossing twice a day and check ups with your dentist twice a year that include a thorough cleaning.


Your AmeriPlan Dental Plus membership includes, at no additional cost, Savings on Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic Care.
Our Dental Plan will put a smile on your face.
  • Save at more than 12,000 optical provider’s nationwide including household names like LensCrafters, Sears, JCPenny and Pearl Vision.
  • Save up to 55% on ophthalmology eye exams and Lasik surgery with certain providers in selected markets.
  • Save 20% to 60% on all frames, lenses, tints, scratch resistant coatings and ultra violet protection.
  • Save 10% to 20% on contact lenses (excluding disposables) at participating locations.
  • 30 day unconditional money back guarantee on all merchandise.
  • Choose from more than 56,000 retail pharmacy locations nationwide including, CVS, Wal-mart, Target and Walgreen’s.
  • Save on most brand name and generic prescription drugs.
  • Most prescription drugs are included at the retail pharmacy and by mail order.
  • Choose from 7,500 private chiropractors.
  • Free initial exam.
  • 50% savings on diagnostic services and x-rays (if necessary).
  • 30% savings on treatments and most other services.


If you're an individual, family or even a small business we will help you
save money on all dental procedures as well as many other health costs such as:
  • Vision.
  • Prescription medicine.
  • Chiropractic care and much more.
$14.95 per month for an Individual.
$19.95 per month for an Entire Household.
Enroll online now!

Besides a great smile and healthy teeth there is another reason to see a dentist regularly. Did you know the health of your teeth and gums can affect your overall health? According to some estimates 75% of Americans have some type of gum disease. This gum disease has been linked to other health issues like: Heart Disease, Stroke, Chronic Kidney Disease, and Pre-term Birth. Good quality dental care has always been important, now it’s Affordable!


AmeriPlan Dental Guarantee and Disclosure

If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of becoming a member, you may cancel your membership in writing to AmeriPlan® Bank and Credit Card Services by mail to 5700 Democracy Drive, Plano, Texas 75024, FAX to (469) 229-4595 or email to stop@stopmembership.com. In order to receive your membership fee refund you must return the membership identification cards. The one-time registration fee and money paid for healthcare services and products are not refundable. After 30 days membership fees are non-refundable. You may cancel your membership at any time by written request and the return of your membership cards. Attempts to cancel by telephone will not be accepted.